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Danny Scroggins & Luke Cartey

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?Cambrian Main Line07/10/2009
Abbey Foregate (AF)Shrewsbury Area10/04/2010
Abercynon (Old) (A)Merthyr Vale / Rhondda Vale (Treherbert, Aberdare & Merthyr)01/01/1970
Abercynon RecoveryGloucestershire Warwickshire Railway08/03/2009
Abercynon RecoveryMerthyr Vale / Rhondda Vale (Treherbert, Aberdare & Merthyr)08/03/2009
Aberech AOCLCambrian Coast Line08/05/2010
Abergavenny Station (AY)North & West Line (Hereford - Maindee)01/01/1970
Aberthaw (AW)Vale of Glamorgan (Cardiff to Bridgend via Barry)21/02/2013
Aberystwyth TEPCambrian Main Line07/10/2009
Acton Cutting & Acton EastLondon Area14/07/2009
Acton Main LineLondon Area14/07/2009
Acton West JnLondon Area30/05/2010
Afon WenCambrian Coast Line08/05/2010
Airport JunctionLondon Area25/10/2009
Allens AOCLCambrian Coast Line15/05/2010
AlresfordMid Hants Railway22/01/2012
Alresford DMUMid Hants Railway22/01/2012
AltonMid Hants Railway22/01/2012
ApplefordDidcot Area01/05/2010
Ascott-under-Wychwood (AW)Cotswold Line22/01/2012
AylshamBure Valley Railway07/05/2011
Aylsham SBBure Valley Railway07/05/2011
B&E HouseOthers15/03/2009
Baker StreetLondon Underground13/09/2010
Banbury North (BN)Banbury & Leamington10/04/2010
Banbury South (BS)Banbury & Leamington19/11/2010
Bargoed (BD)Rhymney Valley (Cardiff to Rymney & Cwmbargoed)01/01/1970
Barmouth TEP & BridgeCambrian Coast Line15/05/2010
Barry (B)Vale of Glamorgan (Cardiff to Bridgend via Barry)21/09/2010
Basingstoke (Poole Panel)Wessex Panels22/08/2013
Basingstoke (WOE Panel)Wessex Panels22/08/2013
Basingstoke New (Main Line Panel)Wessex Panels22/08/2013
Basingstoke Old (YW)Wessex Panels30/05/2010
Bath Road JunctionSlough Panel Box Area14/07/2009
Bath SpaBristol Area02/06/2013
Bearley West Junction (BJ)North Warwickshire Line (Birmingham - Stratford)30/05/2010
Bedford - BletchleyMidland - Other02/06/2013
Beech Drive & CroftonBerks & Hants Area01/05/2010
Beer Heights Light RailwayOther Preserved Railways05/05/2012
Belaugh Green Open CrossingBure Valley Railway07/05/2011
Bennar Fawr AOCLCambrian Coast Line15/05/2010
Birmingham New Street (NS)Birmingham08/03/2009
Bishops LydeardWest Somerset Railway08/05/2013
Bishton & East UskNewport Area01/01/1970
Blockley CCTV LCCotswold Line18/07/2009
Borth TEPCambrian Main Line07/10/2009
Bourne End (BE)Slough Panel Box Area08/03/2009
Bournemouth (WFB)Old Wessex Boxes30/05/2010
Bournemouth ASC (BC)Wessex Panels30/05/2010
BourtonSwindon Panel Signal Box Area25/03/2009
Bradford-On-AvonWestbury Panel Box Area02/06/2013
BramptonBure Valley Railway07/05/2011
Branksome (WBZ)Old Wessex Boxes30/05/2010
Bristol (B)Panel Boxes08/01/2010
Broadway - ToddingtonGloucestershire Warwickshire Railway08/03/2009
Broadway SiteGloucestershire Warwickshire Railway08/03/2009
Brockenhurst (BH)Wessex Panels30/05/2010
Bromfield (BD)North & West Line (Hereford - Maindee)19/07/2010
BurbageBerks & Hants Area01/05/2010
BurnhamSlough Panel Box Area01/05/2010
BuxtonBure Valley Railway07/05/2011
Caersws Crossing (CS)Cambrian Main Line07/10/2009
Caldicot to Severn Tunnel JnNewport Area25/10/2009
Camden Road JnLondon21/11/2010
Campden CCTV LCCotswold Line18/07/2009
CantonCardiff Area21/09/2010
Cardiff (C)South Wales Main Line01/01/1970
Cardiff Cab RideOthers01/01/1970
Cardiff ControlSouth Wales Control Centre (NT)21/09/2010
Cardiff WestCardiff Area21/09/2010
Carmarthen Jn: Deri UWCWest Wales Boxes (Pembrey - Clarbeston Road)08/03/2009
Carmarthen Junction (CJ)West Wales Boxes (Pembrey - Clarbeston Road)08/03/2009
Castle Bar ParkLondon Area30/05/2010
Causeway Level CrossingSignal Boxes05/05/2012
Chard Junction (CJ)London & South Western: West of England Line07/05/2010
Cheltenham Flyer 2013Other Preserved Railways02/06/2013
Cheltenham Race Course AreaGloucestershire Warwickshire Railway01/05/2010
Cheltenham: Diesel Gala 2010Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway01/05/2010
Chester Line JnDidcot Area30/04/2010
Cholsey & MoulsfordReading Main Line Area30/05/2010
Churchill & Blakedown (BN)Worcester - Birmingham30/04/2010
Clarbeston Road (CR)West Wales Boxes (Pembrey - Clarbeston Road)08/03/2009
CockleburySwindon Panel Signal Box Area01/01/1970
Collins Lane & Minety Crossings (MX)Swindon Panel Signal Box Area10/04/2010
ColthropBerks & Hants Area30/05/2010
Colthrop Crossing (RC)Signal Boxes13/07/2009
ColtishallBure Valley Railway07/05/2011
Cosford RecoveryGloucestershire Warwickshire Railway08/03/2009
Cowbridge Road (CR)Vale of Glamorgan (Cardiff to Bridgend via Barry)21/02/2013
Craven Arms (CA)North & West Line (Hereford - Maindee)19/07/2010
Crediton (CN)Panel Boxes13/07/2009
Crewe Bank (CB)Shrewsbury Area03/10/2009
Crewe Junction (CJ)Shrewsbury Area03/10/2009
Croes Newydd North Fork (CN)Shrewsbury Area10/04/2010
Culham & RadleyOxford Panel Signal Box Area10/04/2010
Culham / RadleyDidcot Area01/05/2010
DawleyLondon Area25/10/2009
Day 1 (Danny)Exminster Signal Box08/03/2009
Day 10 (Danny)Exminster Signal Box08/03/2009
Day 2 (Danny)Exminster Signal Box08/03/2009
Day 3 (Danny)Exminster Signal Box08/03/2009
Day 4 (Danny)Exminster Signal Box08/03/2009
Day 4 (George)Exminster Signal Box08/03/2009
Day 5 (George)Exminster Signal Box08/03/2009
Day 6 (Danny)Exminster Signal Box08/03/2009
Day 6 (George)Exminster Signal Box08/03/2009
Day 8 (Danny)Exminster Signal Box08/03/2009
Day 8 (George)Exminster Signal Box08/03/2009
Day 9 (Danny)Exminster Signal Box08/03/2009
Day 9 (George)Exminster Signal Box08/03/2009
Days 1-3 (George)Exminster Signal Box08/03/2009
DB85 Callow HillSwindon Panel Signal Box Area15/03/2009
DB87 SND4RSwindon Panel Signal Box Area15/03/2009
DB88 SND4Swindon Panel Signal Box Area15/03/2009
DB90Swindon Panel Signal Box Area15/03/2009
DB95Swindon Panel Signal Box Area15/03/2009
Derwenlas AutosCambrian Main Line16/05/2010
Didcot EastDidcot Area30/04/2010
Didcot North JnDidcot Area30/04/2010
Didcot Parkway EastDidcot Area30/04/2010
Didcot Power StationSignal Boxes08/05/2013
DisplaysWestbury Panel Box Area09/08/2009
DM69Swindon Panel Signal Box Area01/01/1970
DolauCentral Wales Line19/07/2010
Dolphin JunctionSlough Panel Box Area14/07/2009
Doncaster PSBLNE Others24/11/2012
Dover RoadSlough Panel Box Area14/07/2009
Dovey Junction Branch TEPCambrian Coast Line22/05/2010
Dovey Junction TEPCambrian Main Line07/10/2009
Down Gantry 4London Area14/07/2009
Down Gantry 6 & Portobello JnLondon Area14/07/2009
Down Goods GFSwindon Panel Signal Box Area01/01/1970
Down Siding GFSwindon Panel Signal Box Area01/01/1970
Down Sidings GFReading Main Line Area30/05/2010
Drayton GreenLondon Area30/05/2010
Droitwich Spa (DS)Worcester Area10/04/2010
DungenessRomney & Hythe Dymchurch Railway20/05/2013
Dyffryn AHBCPort Talbot Panel Area08/03/2009
DymchurchRomney & Hythe Dymchurch Railway20/05/2013
Ealing BroadwayLondon Area30/05/2010
East FaceExminster Signal Box08/03/2009
East MainReading Main Line Area30/05/2010
East Usk (EU)South Wales Main Line01/01/1970
East Usk WorkstationSouth Wales Control Centre (NT)21/09/2010
Ebbw Junction WorkstationSouth Wales Control Centre (NT)21/09/2010
Evesham (E)Cotswold Line05/05/2012
Exeter (E)Panel Boxes13/07/2009
Exeter West BoxExeter West Box22/01/2012
Exminster move to NewentGloucestershire Warwickshire Railway08/03/2009
Exmouth Junction (EJ)Panel Boxes14/07/2009
FairbourneCambrian Coast Line15/05/2010
FairfieldsBerks & Hants Area01/05/2010
Farm CrossingBure Valley Railway07/05/2011
Farnham RoadSlough Panel Box Area14/07/2009
Feniton Level Crossing GF (F)London & South Western: West of England Line07/05/2010
Ferryside (FS)West Wales Boxes (Pembrey - Clarbeston Road)08/03/2009
Foxhall JunctionDidcot Area30/04/2010
FP Crossing near Acorn BrSwindon Panel Signal Box Area01/01/1970
FreshfordWestbury Panel Box Area02/06/2013
FriogCambrian Coast Line15/05/2010
FroxfieldBerks & Hants Area01/05/2010
Gantry 3London Area14/07/2009
Gantry 8London Area14/07/2009
GeneralExminster Signal Box08/03/2009
GeneralSouth Wales Control Centre (NT)21/09/2010
Gillingham (GM)London & South Western: West of England Line07/05/2010
Gloucester (G)Panel Boxes25/10/2009
Gloucester StationGloucester Panel Area25/10/2009
Gobowen North (GN)Shrewsbury Area10/04/2010
Goonbarrow Junction (G)Devon & Cornwall Mechanical Boxes (Liskeard - Penzance)01/01/1970
Goring & StreatleyReading Main Line Area30/05/2010
Gotherington - CheltenhamGloucestershire Warwickshire Railway08/03/2009
Gotherington AreaGloucestershire Warwickshire Railway24/11/2012
Great BedwynBerks & Hants Area01/05/2010
Greenford East Station (GE)Signal Boxes02/06/2013
GWR175 BristolianOthers01/05/2010
Gypsy LaneSwindon Panel Signal Box Area01/01/1970
HaddiscoeNorfolk / Suffolk07/05/2011
HamsteadBerks & Hants Area30/05/2010
Hanwell & Hanwell BridgeLondon Area14/07/2009
Harlech TEPCambrian Coast Line15/05/2010
Harlescott Crossing (HT)Shrewsbury - Crewe10/04/2010
Hartlebury (HY)Worcester - Birmingham30/04/2010
HautboisBure Valley Railway07/05/2011
Hayes & HarlingtonLondon Area21/11/2010
Hayes 25kV OHLELondon Area01/01/1970
Hayes EastLondon Area25/10/2009
Hayes Loop & Tarmac YardLondon Area25/10/2009
Heath JunctionRhymney Valley (Cardiff to Rymney & Cwmbargoed)01/01/1970
Heathrow CentralLondon Area14/07/2009
Heathrow Terminal 4London Area14/07/2009
Heathrow Tunnel JnLondon Area14/07/2009
Hengoed ViaductRhymney Valley (Cardiff to Rymney & Cwmbargoed)01/01/1970
Henley-In-ArdenNorth Warwickshire Line (Birmingham - Stratford)30/04/2010
Henley-on-ThamesReading Main Line Area14/07/2009
Henwick (HK)Malvern Line (Henwick - Ledbury)01/01/1970
Hereford (H)North & West Line (Hereford - Maindee)01/01/1970
Highworth GFSwindon Panel Signal Box Area01/01/1970
Highworth JnSwindon Panel Signal Box Area01/01/1970
Hinksey NorthOxford Panel Signal Box Area10/04/2010
Hinksey SouthOxford Panel Signal Box Area10/04/2010
Hinksey YardOxford Panel Signal Box Area10/04/2010
Honiton (H)London & South Western: West of England Line07/05/2010
Horsted KeynesBluebell Railway20/05/2013
HullavingtonSwindon Panel Signal Box Area15/03/2009
HungerfordBerks & Hants Area30/05/2010
HytheRomney & Hythe Dymchurch Railway20/05/2013
IverSlough Panel Box Area14/07/2009
KembleSwindon Panel Signal Box Area10/04/2010
Kemble GFSwindon Panel Signal Box Area10/04/2010
Kennet BridgeReading Main Line Area30/05/2010
Kennington JnOxford Panel Signal Box Area10/04/2010
Kensal GreenLondon Area14/07/2009
Kidderminster Junction (KJ)Worcester - Birmingham30/04/2010
Kidwelly (K)West Wales Boxes (Pembrey - Clarbeston Road)08/03/2009
Kingsmere East Area (KE)Moors Valley Railway07/05/2010
Kingsmere East SB (KE)Moors Valley Railway08/05/2013
Kingsmere West Area (KW)Moors Valley Railway07/05/2010
Kingsmere West SB (KW)Moors Valley Railway07/05/2010
KintburyBerks & Hants Area30/05/2010
Knighton TEPCentral Wales Line19/07/2010
Ladbroke GroveLondon Area14/07/2009
Lakeside Signals (KE)Moors Valley Railway07/05/2010
LangleySlough Panel Box Area14/07/2009
Langley EastSlough Panel Box Area14/07/2009
Langley Middle Total OilSlough Panel Box Area14/07/2009
Langley WestSlough Panel Box Area14/07/2009
Leamington (LN)Banbury & Leamington08/03/2009
Leckwith JnCardiff Area25/10/2009
Ledbury (L)Malvern Line (Henwick - Ledbury)01/01/1970
Liskeard (LD)Devon & Cornwall Mechanical Boxes (Liskeard - Penzance)01/01/1970
Litte Somerford StnSwindon Panel Signal Box Area15/03/2009
Little BedwynBerks & Hants Area30/05/2010
Little Mill (LM)North & West Line (Hereford - Maindee)01/01/1970
Littleton & Badsey CCTV LCCotswold Line18/07/2009
Liverpool Lime StreetLiverpool05/05/2012
Liverpool Street StationLNE Others13/09/2010
Llanaber TEPCambrian Coast Line15/05/2010
Llanbedr and Talwrn Bach AOCLCambrian Coast Line15/05/2010
Llandeilo TEPCentral Wales Line08/03/2009
Llandovery TEPCentral Wales Line19/07/2010
Llandrindod Wells TEPCentral Wales Line19/07/2010
Llanelli West CrossingSouth Wales Main Line08/03/2009
Llanharan, Pencoed & BridgendPort Talbot Panel Area25/10/2009
Llanidloes Road Crossing (LR)Cambrian Main Line07/10/2009
Llanwrtyd Wells TEPCentral Wales Line19/07/2010
Llwyn Cadwgan CrossingCambrian Coast Line15/05/2010
Llwyngwril CrossingCambrian Coast Line15/05/2010
Llynfi JnPort Talbot Panel Area25/10/2009
Loco Yard JnSwindon Panel Signal Box Area25/10/2009
Lostwithiel (LL)Devon & Cornwall Mechanical Boxes (Liskeard - Penzance)01/01/1970
Lydney Line Awre to LeyNewport Area25/10/2009
Lydney Line to AwreGloucester Panel Area25/10/2009
Lymington Slam Doors FarewellOthers30/05/2010
Machynlleth TEP (MH)Cambrian Main Line07/10/2009
MaidenheadSlough Panel Box Area01/05/2010
Maindee & Newport EastNewport Area01/01/1970
Malvern Wells (MW)Malvern Line (Henwick - Ledbury)01/01/1970
Marley Green Emergency Crossover GFsShrewsbury - Crewe10/04/2010
Marshfield, Wentloog & PengamCardiff Area25/10/2009
Medstead & Four MarksMid Hants Railway22/01/2012
Merllyn Criccieth / Maes CrossingsCambrian Coast Line08/05/2010
MidghamBerks & Hants Area30/05/2010
Midsomer NortonSomerset & Dorset22/01/2012
MilepostsGloucestershire Warwickshire Railway08/03/2009
MineheadWest Somerset Railway08/05/2013
Minety Level CrossingSignal Boxes24/11/2012
Minfford CrossingCambrian Coast Line15/05/2010
Moreton Cutting JunctionDidcot Area30/04/2010
Moreton-in-Marsh (MM)Cotswold Line18/07/2009
Nantwich Station (NH)Shrewsbury - Crewe10/04/2010
National Railway MuseumYork17/10/2010
Neath & Brecon Junction (NB)Neath Valley (Onllwyn & Aberpergwm)08/03/2009
New JunctionReading Main Line Area30/05/2010
New RomneyRomney & Hythe Dymchurch Railway20/05/2013
Newbury MiddleBerks & Hants Area30/05/2010
Newbury RacecourseBerks & Hants Area30/05/2010
Newbury WestBerks & Hants Area30/05/2010
Newland East (NE)Malvern Line (Henwick - Ledbury)01/01/1970
Newport (N)South Wales Main Line01/01/1970
Newport Station WorkstationSouth Wales Control Centre (NT)21/09/2010
Newport West, Gaer Jn, Ebbw JnNewport Area25/10/2009
Newtown TEPCambrian Main Line07/10/2009
Newtown West & Cardiff EastCardiff Area25/10/2009
Night Dragon ExerciseOthers01/05/2010
North FaceExminster Signal Box08/03/2009
North of OxfordOxford Panel Signal Box Area10/04/2010
Norton Junction (NJ)Cotswold Line13/07/2009
OakseySwindon Panel Signal Box Area12/06/2010
Old Oak Common HST DepotLondon Area01/01/1970
Old Oak Main Line & Friars JnLondon Area14/07/2009
Onibury (OY)North & West Line (Hereford - Maindee)19/07/2010
Oxford (OX)Signal Boxes01/01/1970
Oxford Road JunctionReading Main Line Area30/05/2010
P&DSR Kingswear SBOther Preserved Railways24/11/2012
PaddingtonLondon Area02/06/2013
Paddington ArchitectureLondon Area07/05/2011
Paddock Wood ECRPaddock Wood Electrical Control24/11/2012
PangbourneReading Main Line Area30/05/2010
Pantyffynnon (PF)Central Wales Line08/03/2009
Pantyffynnon CrossingCentral Wales Line08/03/2009
Pantyffynnon GCG CrossingCentral Wales Line08/03/2009
Pantyffynnon: Cil Yr Chen ABCLCentral Wales Line08/03/2009
Par (PR)Devon & Cornwall Mechanical Boxes (Liskeard - Penzance)01/01/1970
Parallel RunRomney & Hythe Dymchurch Railway20/05/2013
Park Junction (PJ)Ebbw Vale (Newport to Ebbw Vale)01/01/1970
Pembrey (PY)West Wales Boxes (Pembrey - Clarbeston Road)08/03/2009
PenmaenpoolOther Preserved Railways07/10/2009
PenrhyndeudraethCambrian Coast Line15/05/2010
PensarnCambrian Coast Line15/05/2010
Penychain TEPCambrian Coast Line08/05/2010
Penzance (PZ)Devon & Cornwall Mechanical Boxes (Liskeard - Penzance)01/01/1970
Plassers AOCLLondon Area30/05/2010
Plymouth (P)Panel Boxes08/01/2010
Plymouth StationPlymouth Panel Area08/01/2010
Pontrilas (PS)North & West Line (Hereford - Maindee)01/01/1970
Pontsarn & MiskinCardiff Area25/10/2009
Pontyclun & LlantrisantCardiff Area25/10/2009
Port Talbot (PT)South Wales Main Line01/01/1970
Port Talbot ParkwayPort Talbot Panel Area25/10/2009
Porthmadog Narrow GaugeOther Preserved Railways07/10/2009
Porthmadog TEP & Traethmawr AOCLCambrian Coast Line08/05/2010
Prees (PS)Shrewsbury - Crewe10/04/2010
PT278RPort Talbot Panel Area08/03/2009
Puxton & WorlePanel Boxes01/01/1970
Pwllheli TEPCambrian Coast Line08/05/2010
Quainton RoadOther Preserved Railways08/05/2013
Queen StreetCardiff Area21/09/2010
Radio Electric TokensCambrian Coast Line22/05/2010
Radyr Junction (VR)Merthyr Vale / Rhondda Vale (Treherbert, Aberdare & Merthyr)01/01/1970
Reading (R)Signal Boxes22/01/2012
Reading Station ArchitectureReading Main Line Area30/05/2010
Reading Station Area RemodellingSignal Boxes30/12/2012
Reading West StationReading Main Line Area30/05/2010
Reedham Swing BridgeNorfolk / Suffolk07/05/2011
Rodbourne Lane 92 02 SWBSwindon Panel Signal Box Area15/03/2009
Romford ECROthers16/08/2010
Romney SandsRomney & Hythe Dymchurch Railway20/05/2013
Romney WarrenRomney & Hythe Dymchurch Railway20/05/2013
RomseyOther Preserved Railways13/09/2010
RopleyMid Hants Railway22/01/2012
Roskear Junction (R)Devon & Cornwall Mechanical Boxes (Liskeard - Penzance)01/01/1970
Royal Albert BridgeRoyal Albert Bridge30/12/2012
RuscombeReading Main Line Area30/05/2010
Salisbury (SY)Wessex Panels07/05/2010
Savernake GFBerks & Hants Area01/05/2010
Scours LaneReading Main Line Area30/05/2010
Severn Bridge Junction (SBJ)Shrewsbury Area10/04/2010
Severn Tunnel SimulatorSouth Wales Control Centre (NT)21/09/2010
Severn Tunnel WorkstationSouth Wales Control Centre (NT)21/09/2010
Sheffield ParkBluebell Railway10/04/2010
Sherborne CrossingLondon & South Western: West of England Line07/05/2010
ShirleyNorth Warwickshire Line (Birmingham - Stratford)30/04/2010
Slough (S)Signal Boxes14/08/2009
Slough EastSlough Panel Box Area14/07/2009
Slough IECC SimulatorSignal Boxes14/07/2009
Slough New (SN)Signal Boxes21/11/2010
Slough Station EastSlough Panel Box Area14/07/2009
Slough Station WestSlough Panel Box Area14/07/2009
Slough West JunctionSlough Panel Box Area14/07/2009
SN.77Swindon Panel Signal Box Area01/01/1970
SN53 SN653 Rushey PlattSwindon Panel Signal Box Area15/03/2009
Somerleyton Swing BridgeNorfolk / Suffolk07/05/2011
SonningReading Main Line Area30/05/2010
South FaceExminster Signal Box08/03/2009
SouthallLondon Area14/07/2009
Southall ShedLondon Area02/06/2013
Southcote JunctionReading Main Line Area30/05/2010
St Albans South BoxOther Preserved Railways08/05/2013
St Blazey (SB)Devon & Cornwall Mechanical Boxes (Liskeard - Penzance)01/01/1970
St Erth (SE)Devon & Cornwall Mechanical Boxes (Liskeard - Penzance)01/01/1970
St Fagans & St Georges CrossingsCardiff Area25/10/2009
St Fagans (CF)South Wales Main Line01/01/1970
St Mary's BayRomney & Hythe Dymchurch Railway20/05/2013
St Marys to StonehouseGloucester Panel Area25/10/2009
Standish to Gloucester Yard JnGloucester Panel Area25/10/2009
Startley Road 91 50 SWBSwindon Panel Signal Box Area15/03/2009
Station EastReading Main Line Area30/05/2010
Station NorthOxford Panel Signal Box Area10/04/2010
Station SouthOxford Panel Signal Box Area10/04/2010
Station WestReading Main Line Area30/05/2010
Stourbridge Junction Middle (SJ)Worcester - Birmingham30/04/2010
Stratford DeskStratford North London Line13/09/2010
Subway JunctionLondon Area14/07/2009
Sutton Bridge Junction (SUB)Shrewsbury Area10/04/2010
Swanage RailwayOther Preserved Railways08/03/2009
SwanseaPort Talbot Panel Area08/03/2009
Swindon (SN)Signal Boxes01/05/2010
Swindon B (SB)Signal Boxes19/07/2010
Swindon EastSwindon Panel Signal Box Area01/01/1970
Swindon WestSwindon Panel Signal Box Area01/01/1970
Swindon Works TurntableOthers15/03/2009
Talerddig TEPCambrian Main Line07/10/2009
TalsarnauCambrian Coast Line15/05/2010
TaplowSlough Panel Box Area01/05/2010
Templecombe (TE)London & South Western: West of England Line07/05/2010
Templecombe S&DLondon & South Western: West of England Line07/05/2010
Thames Valley Signalling Centre (TR)Signal Boxes02/06/2013
ThatchamBerks & Hants Area30/05/2010
The Bubble CarCardiff Area21/09/2010
ThealeReading Main Line Area30/05/2010
Thingley Jn & GFSwindon Panel Signal Box Area01/05/2010
TilehurstReading Main Line Area30/05/2010
Toddington - WinchcombeGloucestershire Warwickshire Railway08/03/2009
Toddington AreaGloucestershire Warwickshire Railway22/08/2013
Toddington North RemodellingGloucestershire Warwickshire Railway03/10/2009
Tondu (TU)Ogmore Vale (Tondu, Maesteg & Garw)21/02/2013
TonfanauCambrian Coast Line15/05/2010
Tornado at WoodboroughOthers24/11/2012
TowneyReading Main Line Area30/05/2010
Tram Inn (TI)North & West Line (Hereford - Maindee)01/01/1970
Truro (T)Devon & Cornwall Mechanical Boxes (Liskeard - Penzance)01/01/1970
TSRBluebell Railway10/04/2010
Turbo CabOthers10/04/2010
TwyfordReading Main Line Area30/05/2010
Twyford WestReading Main Line Area30/05/2010
Tygwyn ABCLCambrian Coast Line15/05/2010
Tyseley No 1Birmingham02/06/2013
Tyseley Warwick RoadOther Preserved Railways02/06/2013
Tywyn TEP & Sandilands ABCLCambrian Coast Line15/05/2010
Tywyn to Dovey JnCambrian Coast Line15/05/2010
UB89 SNU3Swindon Panel Signal Box Area15/03/2009
UB92Swindon Panel Signal Box Area15/03/2009
UB93 Malmesbury RdSwindon Panel Signal Box Area15/03/2009
UffingtonSwindon Panel Signal Box Area01/01/1970
Uffington Bridge 67 33Swindon Panel Signal Box Area01/01/1970
Ufton AHBCReading Main Line Area30/05/2010
UM73 SN681Swindon Panel Signal Box Area01/01/1970
Up Gantry 5London Area14/07/2009
WagonsGloucestershire Warwickshire Railway01/05/2010
WalthamSlough Panel Box Area01/05/2010
Welshpool TEPCambrian Main Line07/10/2009
Wem (WM)Shrewsbury - Crewe10/04/2010
West Curve JnDidcot Area30/04/2010
West DraytonSlough Panel Box Area14/08/2009
West Drayton EastSlough Panel Box Area14/07/2009
West Drayton No 2 GFSlough Panel Box Area14/08/2009
West EalingLondon Area30/05/2010
West FaceExminster Signal Box08/03/2009
West JunctionReading Main Line Area30/05/2010
West Junction Up Sidings GFReading Main Line Area30/05/2010
West MainReading Main Line Area30/05/2010
West Mids SCBirmingham21/02/2013
Westbury (W)Signal Boxes14/08/2009
Westbury Line JunctionReading Main Line Area30/05/2010
Westbury StationWestbury Panel Box Area02/06/2013
Weston-Super-Mare Emergency PanelPanel Boxes01/01/1970
Whitchurch (WH)Shrewsbury - Crewe10/04/2010
Whitland East (W)West Wales Boxes (Pembrey - Clarbeston Road)08/03/2009
Whitland: Ffynnongain RGCWest Wales Boxes (Pembrey - Clarbeston Road)08/03/2009
Whitland: Llanboidy AHBCWest Wales Boxes (Pembrey - Clarbeston Road)08/03/2009
Whitland: St Clears CCTVWest Wales Boxes (Pembrey - Clarbeston Road)08/03/2009
WillitonWest Somerset Railway08/05/2013
Winchcombe - GotheringtonGloucestershire Warwickshire Railway08/03/2009
Winchcombe AreaGloucestershire Warwickshire Railway22/08/2013
Winchcombe: Diesel Gala 2007Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway08/03/2009
Winchcombe: GWR175 GalaGloucestershire Warwickshire Railway19/07/2010
WinchesterOld Wessex Boxes30/05/2010
WoodboroughBerks & Hants Area24/11/2012
Wootton Bassett JunctionSwindon Panel Signal Box Area15/03/2009
Wootton Bassett WestSwindon Panel Signal Box Area15/03/2009
Worcester Shrub Hill StationWorcester Area14/07/2009
Worcester Tunnel JnWorcester Area01/01/1970
Worcester ViaductWorcester Area01/01/1970
Wrenbury (WY)Shrewsbury - Crewe10/04/2010
WroxamBure Valley Railway07/05/2011
Yeovil Junction (YJ)London & South Western: West of England Line07/05/2010
Yeovil Pen Mill (YPM)London & South Western: West of England Line07/05/2010
York IECCYork17/10/2010
Ystrad Mynach South (YM)Rhymney Valley (Cardiff to Rymney & Cwmbargoed)01/01/1970