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These other sites are excellent sources of reference information, specifally relating to railway signalling. This is not just a list of other sites that I have found, these are specially-selected recommendations for signalling interest.

Signalling Reference Sites
British Power Signalling Register www.bpsr.org.uk
The Signal Box www.signalbox.org
Signalling Notices www.signallingnotices.org.uk
Railway Signs and Signals of Great Britain www.railsigns.co.uk
Signalling Record Society www.s-r-s.org.uk
BR 1960s Sectional Appendix www.britishrailways1960.co.uk

Signalling Photo Sites
Adrian The Rock's Photo Website www.roscalen.com/signals
John Tilly's Photo Website www.tillyweb.biz/gallery

Signal Box Preservation Groups
Swindon Panel Preservation www.swindonpanel.org.uk
Exeter West Group www.studio433.co.uk/exeterwest
St Albans South Signal Box Preservation Trust www.sigbox.co.uk
Friends of Romsey Signal Box www.romseysignalbox.org.uk

Heritage Railway Signalling
Severn Valley Railway S&T www.svrsig.org
Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway S&T www.gwsr.com/enthusiasts/departments/signal-and-telegraph.aspx

Railway Signalling Software
Block Post Software www.blockpostsoftware.co.uk
Simsig www.simsig.co.uk